Dresedor is the realm in which Stones of Morality takes place. It is made up of four major lands. Maldok, Ninindar, Drakius, and Garrenthaug.

Maldok is centrally ran by humans, though many races inhabit its’ royal structure and kingdom as a whole.

Ninindar is purely elven. It is a lush landscape filled with beautiful structures both man-made and natural. It is ran by an elven king.

Drakius has been ran by a Dragonborn Lord for thousands of years. The lands are brutal. The tough skin of the race seem to be one of the few races that can withstand the environment.

Garrenthaug is made up of many dwarven clans that span the kingdom of Garrenthaug, though it can be hardly called a kingdom. No one power rules the lands of Garrenthaugh, though many battles have been seen over such a goal.


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