Trag Masterstriker

Second Son of Bromber Masterstriker, the King of Citadel Striker


AC 24
HP 220
Fort 27
Ref 18
Will 25

Atk 20/20/20
Dmg d12

Weapon- Pulverizer


Trag Masterstriker is not your ordinary dwarf. He is tall by all standards and dons a braided black beard that runs down to his ankles. He keeps in three golden clasps that give him an appearance of power and prestige. He is the son of the King of Citadel Striker and a powerful warrior. His more than evil ways set him and his people apart from most other dwarven cities. He came in contact with the band of adventurers that eventually would slay him before he could ever gain possession of the Falcon’s Ruby.

Trag Masterstriker

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