Stones of Morality

Chapter 9 The Break Out

Danig's Rescue

Rohan and Kentorr awoke in the same barrack’s dungeon they had once been captive in. The only difference was the small gnome laying in the cell across from theirs. It was Danig, the Steward to Duke Kratious. The little man walked up to the cell and explained to him the events that had ensued.

Captain Roac had put the whole kidnapping on the blame of Kentorr and Rohan. He said they had taken Laertes and planned to double deal a fake rescue of the son to gain money from the Duke. The Duke believed Danig was in on the crime since he was the one who scouted out the men in the first place. That, tied in with the events at Lord Barringer’s mansion, has given the Duke proof enough to hang the men. Danig had other plans, he quickly produced a small lock pick out of his sleave and the men were quickly running down the halls of the dungeons.

The men had no weapons so when they burst into the lobby of the barracks, Danig sprinted straight for the evidence room. Rohan and Kentorr engaged the guards, luckily Rohan could still summon his panther. Kentorr, on the other hand, simply rolled over the first guard with his sheer weight. There was a surpising twist, the doors of the barracks opened and in ran a tall human Blackguard, clad in grey armor and weilding a greatsword. He charged past the Shaman and Warlord and attacked the next guard in line. The evidence room doors burst open and out came Danig mounted on a small clawfoot lizard. The battle in the lobby continued on. The large double doors in the front of the building crashed down as a giant flaming horse strode in carrying Drathrin and Eeeagle. The party was finally at full swing.

Danig led them into the back of the barracks, where Captain Roac and four other guards waited. The commander knew of the battle inside and waited to meet his captives. Danig spent little time talking and came on with two hand axes flying. The battle waged in full, Kalindrill guard versus rogue warriors. In the end, Captain Roac lay dead. The only thing left, a clue that would lead them deeper into their quest.



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