Stones of Morality

Chapter 8 What to Do

Roac or Kratious

The adventurers sat back at their small camp and discussed what would be the plan of action for this ruby. Roac obviously sent them on this quest, and it seemed simple enough. He would give them Laertes in exchange for the ruby. However, Roac seemed a little off. They knew something wasn’t right, and it would probably be safer going to Duke Kratious. Yet would everything just collapse if they went to the Duke? They most likely wouldn’t get the added reward from Roac, and Laertes may never be returned. Rohan decided to go and talk to Roac (without the ruby) and see what he had to say. Kentorr was to wait back at camp, and Drathrin was heading to Bain Aris to smoke his Pipe of Revelations.

Roac simply told Rohan that he needed the ruby, and soon. If not, they would not see Laertes. Rohan came back a little disappointed so Kentorr decided to take a stab at it, this time hiding the ruby on his body where few would find it. Rohan waited outside the back door of the barracks as Kentorr spoke with the captain of Kalindrill. However, Roac could sense the ruby and instead of talking, he commanded guards to capture Rohan outside the door and knock the two men out.

Back by Falcon’s Spire, Drathrin and Bain had an in depth conversation about the monk’s past and about the ruby’s origins. The monk then said that the two men are most likely in danger and he should make haste back to Kalindrill. He preseneted a small figurine of a great horse. He set it down on the trail outside and the little sculputure turned to mist and a great flaming horse came to life. Drathrin ran on with all speed to Kalindrill.



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