Stones of Morality

Chapter 7 Eli Falcon

Journey to the Top

Up the narrow cliff side they went, like a snake sidewinding up a trail. A raging waterfall ran straight through the middle of the path. There ascent was soon met with the bullets from Gnomish slings. A barrage rained down as the small rock gnome embedment worked to protect their home. The men charged in with no remorse, tossing gnomes from the cliffside. Rohan and Kentorr made it clear they had a last chance, but everyone refused to let the group of warriors take there mountainside. So the men went, slaying and tossing anyone in there way. At one point Rohan was caught up traversing the waterfall’s stream and was swept all the way down. They battled on though, finally making it to a small cave where two female gnomish women hid, hiding their two babies. Drathrin was going to kill them, but the others argued against it, and they escorted the women to the top. The other gnome men had to sit by the wayside and watch as the adveturers walked upwards.

They soon were in front of a large door with the scrawling of the letters EF. They took the bow and used the inscription to open the portal. They entered the black, dank entrance. They soon stubled across very large serpants and then rock golems. They kept traveling though, until finally they were at the other side of the first level of the mountain. They traveled up a winding corridor onto the next chamber of the structure. It was a massive room, the celing was so high the men’s torches couldn’t cut through the darkness. Four giant pillared structures shot up through the middle of the room. A level sat on the floor. Instinctively the men tripped the lever, the mountain rumbled and then thousands of gallons of waters spewed into the room. The saw little footholds on the pillars and began to climb. The rumbling disturbed what were giant bats that swooped down at the adventurers. The men set in to action, using arrow, magic, and sword to defend their journey upwards and their lives. Soon the bats lay dead on the top of the water that was soon rising to higher levels. The men finally made it to the top where they climbed into the top chamber of the mountain.

In it was four catwalks in each corner, a circular level on each one. The three men, Rohan, Drathrin, and Kentorr made their way to the corners. In the middle was a giant carved pillar. On its’ top was a chain linking it to the ceiling. Rohan summoned his panther and the four men began turning the levers. The pillar rose, revealing a pedastal with a single ruby on it. Drathrin ran down and grabbed it. In an instand the air in the room became visible, it swirled and formed until the image of a man could be seen. It was Eli Falcon the men surely knew. The misty form solidified and spoke out. “How dare you disturb my sleep!” On that note the men sprung into action. An intense battle ensued. Eli Falcon layed down fireballs and arcs of lightning, but the men fought through it. Soon the man saw a rapier through his stomach and quickly disappeared.

On the way down, the men had a dilemma. They possessed the ruby, yet they had no idea what they should do. They pondered hard all the way back to Kalindrill.



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