Stones of Morality

Chapter 6 The Monk

The Falcon's Ruby

You finally made it to the cottage of Bain Aris. He is an older elven man, tattooed head to toe.

After a short conversation, he gets into the deeper meaning of the Ruby you men are searching for. He says that its history dates almost 2000 years ago to the city of Farenthrall and the lands of Ninindar. At that time there was an elf of great power. His name was Eli Falcon. He was born with the innate powers of a sorcerer and took up the teachings and ways of the elven ranger. He soon became the sole protector of Farenthrall and Ninindar. One night he was lured out of his home by a beautiful woman. In the neighboring woods the woman turned into a huge red dragon. His name was Zatafear and he sought out Eli to find a rare chaos ruby. Eli was in a trance and just couldn’t say no. Soon he had recovered one, and Zatafear used its power to amass a massive army of crazed creatures. Before the dragon sent out his first attack, he killed Eli Falcon. In doing so, the elf’s soul was captured by the chaos ruby. Eventually the gooodly nations destroyed Zatafear. In doing so, his soul was trapped in another gem. This was an Emerald of Evil. With those two stones, Zatafear was able to control that frenzied army. The goodly kings tried to destroy the stones, but couldn’t without the attempter being killed. So they encased the stones at opposite sides of the realm.

Bain Aris says that the ruby is located at the top of Falcon’s Spire and that the only way to get it is through Eli Falcon’s famed bow. He says the only way to get it is to steal it from Farenthrall’s Chamber of History. With the bow they can defeat the form of Eli Falcon that will certainly appear when they steal the Ruby from its resting place.

The men travel to Farenthrall and steal the bow.

They head back to the base of Falcon’s Spire, and towards one very rude Rock Gnome settlement.



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