Stones of Morality

Chapter 5 A Quake in the Group

Ku and Eeeagle


Poor Ku, Poor Poor Ku. It was a sick prank, but a prank nonetheless. Rohan had an idea. The little gnome didn’t talk much and they all knew it. They thought that the best way to get him over his apparent apprehensive nature was to pull a “harmless prank.” Kentorr was all for it. Together there would be no stopping any idea they had. Of course Eeeagle tried, but it was a moot point, for in the end, Rohan and Kentorr got their way. They decided to set up camp one night north of the Trollmarshes. They had just defeated Buster the Troll and they were celebrating in the adventurers way. Kentorr pulled one of his many flasks he had found on his journey and started passing it around. Ku, being small in size was the first to pass out. Rohan and Kentorr picked up the little gnome and carried him west towards the MInotaur Straight. They found a nice sandy area and laid Ku down. They pulled out a shovel and took turns digging a hole that would be the perfect fit for a gnome. They slid Ku into the crevice, feet first. Threw the sand back in up to the Warlock’s shoulders. They took off into the woods, laughing the whole way. The next morning, the men looked for the gnome, but couldn’t find him. They forgot where they buried the little Warlock! Kentorr and Rohan looked at each other, shrugged, and went on in search of the cottage of Bain Aris.


The moonless night made her glow all the brighter. Eeeagle couldn’t remove his gaze from that beautifully bright creature. The ranger was on a night watch. His companions, Rohan and Kentorr finally passed out after a fun night of pulling pranks on Ku and drinking from one of Kenorr’s many flasks. The angelic woman made her way closer to the shapeshifter. He couldn’t stand, raise his bow, or even remove his gaze. She just kept coming closer and he didn’t want her to stop. Kentorr gave a great snort in his slumber, if Eeeagle heard it, then it didn’t affect him. The woman finally stood over the helpless ranger.

“My name is Torrina Goddess of Love.” She sang with such a melodic voice, it almost lulled Eeeagle to sleep. “Come with me, leave your friends behind. You can lay by my side and never have to fight a deadly battle again.”

Eeeagle couldn’t deny her reasoning or her beauty. He began to rise, his eyes never leaving that gaze. He followed her for what seemed a lifetime. He trailed and she led.

Into the darkness he went, leaving his companions behind.



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