Stones of Morality

Chapter 10 Pieces to the Puzzle

Spark and the Wavebreaker

“Once you have the ruby, meet me at the mouth of Minotaur River. I’ll be waiting there at 10.”


Those were the few words on the note found in the tunic of Captain Roac’s body. There was something else. A key, with the engraving S2. It was obiously a key to a safebox at the Kalindrill Vault, seeing as it bared the encrested symbol of the city. The men decided it was time they got to the bottom of Captain Roac’s plan. Danig saw to it that he carry out other plans of his own. He asked if one member of the group could come with him on his journey, and it was noble Kentorr who stepped forward. The two men set out south of the city while the others headed north to the Kalindrill Vault.

When the men got to the bank’s entrance, they realized there was something wrong. Guards stood on guard in the threshold fending off a score of goblins. The adventurers quickly took up arms next to the royal soldiers. The attack pressed on. Soon Drathrin and Rohan were able to get in the bank where more goblins had gone in and guards fought to destroy them. Fortunately the small invasion posed as a great distraction as the men snuck in and searched for the safebox that said S2. The problem was they only found numbers 1 thru 25, none of which carried an S in front of it. Drathrin finally found a combination to the safe. Inside lay three more safeboxes. The middle had the inscription S2. Once opened, the men found the ruby that had obviously attracted the crazed creatures and another pouch. Inside was a huge sum of gold tipping at 10,000. Finally, there laid a note. This one was as brief as the last.

“I’ll have the Wavebreaker ready for you tomorrow at 10. Meet me at the Porthouse an hour sooner for preparations.”

Captain Spark

The men found their next step in their journey. With a quick bluff explaining to the guards they too were off duty soldiers, the men went on their way. The next they met with the boisterous Captain Spark and made their way onto the Wavebreaker, setting course for Minotaur Strait.



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