Stones of Morality

Chapter 1 A Gnome's Calling and a Vampire

Danig and a Riot

Danig the Gnome, the trusted Steward to the Duke of Kalindrill scouted the lands day in and day out, until he happened across three of the most reliable warriors Maldok has to offer. The first a Shaman possessed of the power to summon a fierce panther that tears out the throat of every enemy that crosses it. Second, a Razorclaw shapeshifter whose way with the bow comes hardly matched. Finally, from the furthest reaches he had met a Goliath. A monster that stood over 8ft tall and never touched in melee combat. His powers went past that of simple weapon use. It was known he could stomp his foot and shards of ice would erupt from the ground around him. Danig explained to the adventurers that a great reward was in store if they could make their way back to the great city of Kalindrill. He said to meet him in a fortnight at the Dogfish Tavern.

Danig waited nervously, thinking his last few days hard work had been wasted. That is until the door of the tavern slowly opened. In walked the Deva Shaman, gliding through the room and landing directly in front of Danig. Then came the ranger, Eeeagle went straight into action, doing a perimeter check of the tavern. On his watch he had an encounter with a Dwarven couple who were none too happy with his intrusion into their own argument. Finally, the Goliath made his way into the room, the music abruptly stopped, patrons stopped dancing, and everyone was looking towards the entrance of the tavern. The large Warden slowly walked in, every gaze in the room pierced his thick grey skin. All three made there way to the hooded gnome, all wondering what this meeting was about.

“I am on order of the Duke of Kalindrill,” the gnome spoke in a soft, confident voice. “He is desperate for the aid of a band of strong warriors. I searched the region, and you three are the hope Duke Kratious seeks. He will give you more details in the morning, for now I requested three rooms for you at the Traveler’s Inn. Stay low and keep quiet. At sunrise, Duke Kratious requests your attendance.” Still unsure, the three warriors except the words of Danig, and the gnome made his way out of the tavern and to the Palace of Kalindrill.

The first round of frothy ale had barely made its way into the men’s hands when the tavern door burst open. In came a man adorn in worn leather armor and bearing a lantern. He looked around the bar and yelled out, “The time is here, were takin’ down Barringer once and for all! Were ta be provin’ that stinkin vamp is nothin’ more than the bloodsucker that he is! If your with killin’ a vamp, follow us to Lord Barringer’s Mansion!” Loud cheers could be hear from outside. The three men looked at each other and approached the lantern bearer. Rohan spoke out first, “What is this all about?”
“The name is Jarrek, I’m leadin’ this mob down to Barringers manor, and were for proving he’s the vampire that’s killed ma daughter!”

Rohan looked on with quizzical eyes, but the goliath spoke first. “How do you know this? Do you have proof?”

“sure do!” said the leader of the mob. “Me boy Percy lost three lamb to that sucker. He said he saw that white dolt Barringer one night suckin’ blood right outta the thing. He said there was no mistakin’ it to be the Lord himself.”

Eeegle looked on with doubtful eyes. “I don’t like the sounds of this. Danig spoke of staying low and going to the inn.”

Both the Deva and Goliath thought differently. Rohan quickly added, “I’m up for a midnight rendezvous. Don’t worry Eeegle, we’ll be back by morning.”

The three followed Jarrek out of the tavern and into the night, two ready for the adventure, the third not so sure.



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